Consider Fighting Your Speeding Ticket Issued by an Aircraft Unit

speedometer-653246_1920Driving around Florida, you’ve likely noticed at some point a sign warning that an aircraft is monitoring speed. You may be under the assumption that the plane is using some kind of modern radar technology to monitor vehicles yet according to a Florida Highway Patrol newsletter, that’s not quite the case. Instead, speed monitoring seems to involve the use of a stopwatch and a grid with existing markings.

An aircraft operator can attest that the stopwatch was started and stopped at a certain time, but how certain the assertion is when it comes to the burden of proof is another matter. How does the potentially accused speeding driver know that the stopwatch performing properly and if it was started and stopped at the precise times indicated by the officer? Just one second can make a monumental difference in a case involving speeding. If an officer is unable to single out particular and dependable facts that back up their assertions, it may severely affect their case.

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