Common Florida Laws Drivers Often Forget

drivingDoes it seem like traffic has been particularly horrendous this week? Miami traffic is generally terrible, but it could easily be improved if drivers followed some of the traffic laws. According to a recent Miami Herald article, there are several laws most drivers are unaware of, have forgotten, or choose to ignore.

Florida is one of the states that allow you to make a right turn on red. However, the law states the driver must come to a complete stop before proceeding with the turn and must yield the right of way to any pedestrians or other vehicles. Drivers that fail to heed this law could face a $250+ fine.

Turning signals are not optional when a driver intends to turn or change lanes, they are required by law. On top of that, drivers must signal their turn with a 100-foot minimum prior to actually making the turn so that any drivers behind them can properly prepare. A violation of this statute may result in a fine of more than $170.

Lastly, drivers should remember that the far left lane is intended for faster-moving traffic and vehicles that are overtaking drivers moving slower in the right lanes. If a vehicle is traveling faster than another and it is being overtaken on the right, the driver of the slower vehicle is required to move to the right and allow the faster vehicle to occupy the far left lane. Failure to do so could result in a $179 fine.

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