Commissioners Speak About Uber Driving Services

Currently, in Broward County, driving services such as Uber, are banned, but things may soon change as commissioners recently met to speak about the web-based driving services.

All around South Florida, these types of services have become very popular, with an easy-to-use service that allows for an app letting you know the cost of the ride and the ability of being able to pay though the app. Some of the reasons that Uber riders started using the services was that they saw it as a better option than cabs, which were being criticized for lack of cleanliness and the vehicles’ disrepair.

Back in November, Broward County told Uber drivers to cease picking up passengers because of the lack of regulations by the county. At that point, drivers were told that they may be arrested, fined and their cars impounded if they picked up passengers. Though, even with these types of consequences looming, some Uber drivers were still picking passengers up.

Since the initial notice was sent by the county, they have been citing and fining Uber drivers operating in the county and Uber sent the county a proposed interim contract, but the county has not agreed to it.

At this time, Uber performs background checks and provide insurance for their drivers, but the company does not operate with the same kind of government regulations as cabs do. Presently, the county limits the number of taxis allowed, makes sure that the cab companies adhere to insurance requirements and submit to background inspections and vehicle inspections. Uber drivers are working independently and use their personal vehicles, so Broward County Commissioners are now holding a workshop to speak about how they will regulate the ride service to make it fair for everyone and ensure consumer safety.

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