College Student Devises Clever Way to Promote Pedestrian Safety

According to the Republic news organization, students who attend Columbus East High School in Columbus, Indiana have safer crosswalks thanks to the help of a former student. Taylor Chitty, who is currently a junior in college, completed a project in high school that would help with pedestrian safety.

During the senior year of her high school tenure, Chitty decided to carry out her required project for graduation on pedestrian safety. She decided to work on the issue after being hit by a car during her junior year of high school. She worked with a city engineer on the project; while he provided assistance on the effort, most of the work was done by the student.

Because of her project, the state was able to secure additional funding for pedestrian safety that amounted to half a million dollars. As Chitty was instrumental in helping secure the funding, the city allowed her to choose the design for the pedestrian crosswalks.

The six crosswalks will be built by Columbus East High School and will include a number of new pedestrian safety innovations such as flashing yellow lights that signals to cars when pedestrians are walking and a hawkeye that turns the light red when pedestrians are ready to cross.

While the crosswalks use cutting-edge technology to help increase pedestrian safety, there are not the only tool the city is using. They are also utilizing traffic crosswalk guards who help ensure that drivers are following street signs and ensure the safety of pedestrians who are crossing the street. By using personnel and technology, they are able to ensure that the 6 to 11 thousand cars traveling through the intersections won’t be a risk for pedestrians.

Although those in Columbus, Indiana have better street signs to alert passengers, the same can’t be said for Miami which has to catch up on these innovations. Without these innovations, it is often easy to miss a street sign, making drivers unaware of the safety laws in the area putting them at risk of getting a ticket.

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