Changes in Store for the Palmetto Express Lanes

miamiHighwaysLast year, the Palmetto express lanes were added to ease traffic congestion. However, its success in making a genuine dent in traffic tie-ups may be debatable. According to a CBS Miami article, some drivers believe the lanes have done the opposite and made things worse.

To deal with the express lanes situation, South Florida lawmakers sought to get rid of them entirely. While the legislation was devised, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis eventually stepped in to help with fixing the express lanes situation. Since then, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has devised its own plans to assist with the traffic woes.

The FDOT intends to add another lane for general traffic for those heading southbound on the Palmetto. Furthermore, the northbound express lanes will be reduced, meaning there will only be a single lane. FDOT also plans to add another access point to the express lanes at Northwest 122nd Street. Currently, the only access point is near Northwest 67th Avenue.

While FDOT works on implementing these changes, drivers can look forward to reduced tolls.

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