Caught by a Red Light Camera? Here’s How to Fight Back

Have you recently been issued a ticket after being photographed committing a traffic infraction courtesy of red light cameras? If so, you may feel like the odds are stacked against you, especially if the evidence against you appears irrefutable. Fortunately, with the help of a red light camera violation attorney, you have the chance to contest your ticket and lessen any possible penalties. Here are the steps you must take to challenge your red light violation and perhaps avoid paying related fines.

Gather Evidence

First and foremost, start gathering evidence to support your case. This may include, but is not necessarily limited to, a printout of the red light camera snapshot and related documentation. Make sure to keep detailed records, which include police officer’s testimony and witness statements. Also review the accuracy of the violation, for instance if you ran a red light because of emergencies like avoiding oncoming traffic or if the camera was recently installed or malfunctioning. Additionally, seek out evidence that supports your side such as photos or video surveillance of the accident that will provide concrete proof for the court.

Consult With an Expert

Talking to a strategic litigator with expertise in jurisdictional laws and knowledge of red light camera systems will help bolster your plea in court. Furthermore, weighing out the options of continuing your or a lawyer representing your arguments in court will prove invaluable for your case. Having a professional on your side in court, such as a red light camera violation attorney, will help make sure that you have the best possible outcome from proceedings.

Attend Hearings

Depending on the infraction and severity, you may need to attend an in-person court hearing to present a defense to the judge. Make sure to arrive with your attorney and all your available evidence prepared to challenge the argument against you.

Your Presentation

Historical court rulings and case laws will be helpful during the sentencing process. It should be straightforward to present your case in court by demonstrating the inapplicability of the existing law according to recent rulings. You may also point out that Human Error Contributed to the inappropriate reaction toward the red light camera. In these cases, more lenient penalties may be allotted.

Appealing Your Sentence

If necessary, appealing the sentencing is possible through a written statement. By citing reasons why you disagree with the decision, writing an appeal can be sent directly to the judge or agency responsible for issuing the citation. File the appeal soon after being issued a ticket, as you may be unable to appeal after missing deadlines that are stipulated by each municipality. 

Following these steps if you receive a red light camera violation can save you significant stress and hassle in the long run. Working with an experienced attorney will greatly improve your chances of receiving a favorable outcome. To best accomplish success in court it is imperative that you prepare your evidence and case in detail,stress the importance of human error, and remain persistent in your appeals.

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