Career Risks of a DUI Conviction

dui (3)Being convicted of a DUI may lead to having a criminal record and possible suspension of driving privileges, but many drivers forget to take into consideration other factors. For example, how will a DUI affect your career? There are several ways your job may be compromised.

Being late. This is the most obvious. A DUI conviction may result in your license being suspended for several months. If you depend on your car to get to work as most South Floridians do, not being able to drive could make it significantly harder to get to work on time.

A blemish on your employer’s reputation. If you play a role in your job where you stand as a representation of your company, you’re essentially its face in many ways. A DUI conviction may not be looked upon favorably by your employer as it could cause harm to its image. As a result, there is a risk of being demoted or even being fired.

Your professional driving privileges. For those that drive commercial vehicles such as trucks for a living, a DUI conviction could result in job loss. Even individuals working as a real estate agent or a doctor are at risk, especially if a felony was committed.

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