Can Registration Violations Land You a Ticket?

Hochman BlogEvery vehicle driving on the road must be registered with the state – that is the law in Florida, as with many other states. The state in which the owner of the vehicle lives is where the car is required to be registered, so if you are living in Miami or the surrounding areas, you must register your vehicle in the state of Florida.


Failing to do so can lead to consequences. More often than not, this includes fines up to $500, along with the administrative fees and additional charges that may come if you go to court. If you have recently been issued a ticket for failure to register your vehicle, contact a Miami traffic attorney.


Be careful – sometimes, this can lead to 60 days of jail time, probation, and points on your license. This, of course, is not usually the punishment given out right away, but it is something drivers will find difficult to overcome. In addition to the fines, these consequences can be tough to get off your record.


That is why if you have been issued a traffic ticket, you should consult with an experienced attorney. Lawyers at Hochman & Goldin, P.A. know what it takes to fight a ticket in court, expressing the legitimacy of client concerns in front of the judge.


Whether it is a ticket about a failed registration, speeding, wanting to seal or expunge records from previous offenses, or you need a red light camera violation attorney, our lawyers are here to help. Call or visit us online to set up a consultation.

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