Brief Overview of Red Light Traffic Cameras

Recently red light cameras have become a staple in metropolitan cities.  While these cameras are improving the amount of traffic violations that can occur, they are still a big mystery to the average person.  Additionally, it seems like these cameras just popped up out of nowhere.  Below is a brief overview of this new legal trend.

Red light cameras are a type of traffic enforcement cameras that capture a picture of any vehicle that has run a red light.  The purpose is to not only deter drivers from running red lights, but it also helps law enforcement impose the traffic laws.  Normally the camera is trigged when a moving vehicle enters the intersection (usually past the stop-bar), after the traffic signal has turned red, indicating that drivers should stop their vehicles.  Once the image is taken, the information is downloaded to the police stations where law enforcement can review the information and decide whether a violation has occurred.  If a violation has occurred, then the offending vehicles license plate is ran through their system and a citation (usually with a fine and the images from the traffic camera) is mailed to the offending party.

Even though most authorities feel that red light cameras are helping with public safety, there are a few critics with a differing opinion.  Most of the concern lies with driver’s reactions to seeing the camera and/or once it takes a picture.  Many of the detractors’ fears are that the cameras are being used more for financial gain, than public safety.  In addition, many have felt that the red light cameras could scare the drivers that are trying to avoid a ticket into suddenly stopping and potentially causing a rear-end collision.

No matter the debates going on, red light cameras seem to be a staple of urban living and something residents are going to need to get used to.  What are your thoughts on red light cameras?  Hochman & Goldin, P.A.’s professional Miami Expungement Lawyers, brought this update to you.  There experienced attorney’s can help resolve a variety of seal and expungement cases.  To learn more about these experienced Miami Traffic Lawyers, contact them at 305-665-1000.

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