Bike Sharing to Begin in Miami May Bring Traffic and Transportation Changes

This Saturday, Miami will start the highly anticipated bike share program that is set to launch this weekend with a public event in Bayfront park, starting what many people believe to be the beginning of cycling as transportation in Miami. This program may have an affect on the way locals and tourists use transportation and thereby having an effect on traffic in Miami.

This will be a big weekend for Miami residents who ride bicycles for fun and people who would like to like to ride bike to get around. Until now these two groups have had it difficult in a car filled city.

There are plans for about a dozen of the 50 docking stations to launch this weekend for the new Citi Bike Miami and more stations launching gradually over the next few weeks which will be located in Miami’s Upper East Side to the South of Coconut Grove.

The way the Citi Bike program works is by unlocking a bike from one of the stations and when you are done riding, you can return it to any station. The docking stations will be solar-powered and you can either rent a bike for an hourly rate or you can have a monthly membership. The cost for this new way to get around is very affordable as the first 30 minutes are $4 and the first hour is $6, a monthly rate is $15 for unlimited 30 minute rides.

This type of bike sharing programs are popular in cities as an alternative to public transportation like the Hubway in Boston and Citi Bike in New York City, though since in Miami, most locals drive cars, Citi Bikes may be a service for tourists.

It will be interesting to see if this bike sharing program will affect the way we get around in Miami. If you need a Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer contact Hochman & Goldin, P.A. at (305)665-100 or email This firm will provide you with services by a Miami Traffic Attorney.

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