Be Wary of Truck Blind Spots











Just about every vehicle has a blind spot, including newer vehicles with technology built in designed to make it easier to detect vehicles that may be lurking in the blind spot. For trucks, however, this technology may not be quite as effective.

Truck blind spots are much more common as compared to the typical passenger car. In most trucks, standard safety devices cannot be used to improve driver vision in blind spots. These blind spots are substantial, due to the considerable size of commercial vehicles. Sometimes there are accidents caused by poor visibility in the blind spots of a vehicle.

Drivers may be under the false assumption that because of their height, truck drivers have a better view of the road. Although they do have improved visibility in terms of what’s in front of them, that’s not the case for the side or the back. Hence, truck blind spots are larger and more dangerous. Often these spots with limited visibility include the following:

  • The region right in front of the truck reaching as far as 20 feet.
  • The areas directly along the truck’s edge.
  • The truck’s right side is especially risky because most truck drivers expect drivers to turn lanes to the left.
  • The region immediately behind the vehicle, reaching as far as 30 feet.

Always be cautious around trucks and heed those warning stickers often found in the back stating that if you can’t see the truck mirrors, the truck driver can’t see you.

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