Be Safe on the Roads This Thanksgiving

driverThanksgiving is next week, which means there will be a greater amount of holiday travelers on the road and therefore greater risks. As part of its Arrive Alive campaign, the Florida Highway Patrol is reminding drivers about a few simple steps they can take to make the roads safer for themselves and fellow drivers.

Drive sober. Consuming alcohol will impair just about all of the skills necessary for someone to drive safely, including reaction time, vision, the ability to concentrate, and using proper judgment. If you do plan on drinking, make arrangements beforehand to ensure you have a designated driver or a safe means of getting home such as a ridesharing service like Uber. Depending on where you live and the day, you may also consider Tow to Go by AAA.

Examine your tires. Tires are your vehicle’s first line of defense. Make sure the pressure is correct and the depth of the tread is still good. It wouldn’t hurt to also have a spare tire.

Make sure your ECI information is up-to-date. Emergency Contact Information (ECI) is a system utilized by law enforcement across the country to contact your designated friends or family members in the event of an emergency situation.

Remember that if you spot someone driving dangerously or erratically on the road you can call *FHP (*347) to report them.

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