Be Careful with Speeding as Traffic Dips in Miami Dade

Miami is well known for being one of the busiest areas in the country with heavy traffic consistently. The city has a heavy population with a lack of public transportation, not enough to ease the flow traffic. Right now this time of the year there is less traffic in South Florida for a couple of reasons.

Much like everywhere else in the country, the commute to school causes more traffic has work commuters are also on the road. Both school and day jobs start near the same time so both are attempting to make it to school/work on time. Another reason for less traffic in South Florida are vacations that people take in the summer. Teachers and others in the school system have the summer off if they don’t pick up other jobs so there are less people on the road. People also tend to take vacations from work during the summer whether it’s due to family outings or taking a break from work. Those who can afford to will move out of South Florida for the summer and take a summer long vacation. The heat in Miami picks up significantly. Less traffic is good news, especially for those who go to work during the day. One thing to keep in mind is speeding, with less traffic it’s easier to get caught speeding in the morning or afternoon. Stay under the speed limit so that you don’t ruin your summer with a speeding ticket.

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