Be Aware of Florida’s Laws with #JustAdulting

justadultingJust time for the arrival of spring break, a new app by The Florida Bar aimed at today’s tech-savvy teenagers and young adults has launched to better assist them with tackling real-life experiences. Called #JustAdulting, the app includes vital information on things like fake IDs, the importance of maintaining good credit, drinking and driving, texting, and plenty of additional topics. There is also a useful section on what to do when encountering police.

The #JustAdulting app is aimed at people who are turning eighteen, informing them of all the legal ramifications and responsibilities they must understand and adhere to as they embark upon adulthood. The app also includes information on the consequences should they break the law. For example, driving under the influence (DUI) carries hefty first offense penalties, including the possibility of up to six months in jail, a $2,000 fine plus court costs, over forty hours of community service, losing your license, and more.

Anyone interested in checking out the #JustAdulting app can download it for free on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. While it may be geared toward young adults, it’s worth checking out in case you need a refresher on Florida’s laws.

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