Avoid These DUI Mistakes

duiBeing pulled over for allegedly driving under the influence can cause a tremendous amount of stress. Being responsible and knowing what to do and what not to do can potentially save you from a world of stress. Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of making these DUI mistakes.

Don’t assume guilt. Even if the test shows you’re over the legal limit, refrain from assuming you’re guilty. There have been scenarios and situations where a breath or blood test could be considered inadmissible evidence. Should that happen, a jury would remain unaware of anything related to your breath or blood alcohol content. Even if the evidence is, in fact, admissible, there is no surefire guarantee of reliability or accuracy.

Don’t say too much. Attempting to talk your way out of a DUI charge may do more harm than good. You have the right not to speak to the law enforcement officer, but it will likely result in an arrest. If an officer asks you to get out of the vehicle because they suspect you’re driving under the influence, do as they ask. Consider limiting your responses to a polite yes or no and inform them that you would rather refrain from answering any specific questions.

Don’t drive against restriction. If you’ve been arrested because of a DUI, you’ll be able to drive without restriction for ten days provided you have the Uniform DUI citation while you operate the vehicle and have a valid license. After ten days you’ll be required to have a business purpose license issued by the DMV. Being caught driving without this permit will only exacerbate your problems.

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