Are You Following the Basic Traffic Rules?

4wayStopIt’s safe to assume that many Florida drivers have failed to read the driver handbook when obtaining their license, or may have forgotten some of the traffic rules and regulations. Being cut off by another driver and narrowly avoiding an accident isn’t anything new in South Florida as many drivers do not follow the “right of way” rules.

Technically, Florida law doesn’t state anything explicitly mentioning right of way, but it does mention who is responsible for yielding in a traffic situation. We’ll begin with four way stops. The first driver to arrive at the stop is the one that has the right of way. Should two drivers arrive at the same time, the driver on the right is the one that should go ahead.

Emergency vehicles with their sirens on always have the right of way, most people know that. Drivers should also be aware that buses attempting to merge back into traffic also have the right of way. Whether you’re a driver, a pedestrian, or riding a bike, you must yield to funeral processions.

While these rules may all seem standard, one that may be lesser known is U-turns. Should a driver be making a U-turn, he or she has the right of way over another driver that is attempting to turn right on red.

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