Are Red Light Camera Tickets Enforceable?

Hochman BlogMany times, the reason people run lights is not purely out of a lack of care for one’s safety or the safety of others, sometimes, it happens due to a quick decision to protect the safety of the driver or others. Many drivers approach intersections and must decide if it is safer to pump the brakes or continue through a light – significantly if they quickly change from green to yellow. Sometimes drivers are taken by surprise by how fast the intersection light turns yellow.


In any case, some may wonder if these tickets are enforceable. Many drivers are faced with red light camera tickets that may need a red light camera violation attorney to dispute.


Red light camera tickets are enforceable in Florida. You will be required to pay the fine or contest the ticket within the 60-day time frame upon receiving your ticket. However, unlike other traffic citations that may need a Miami traffic attorney, red light camera tickets do not also give points to a driver’s license. If you want to contest your ticket, it is likely that you will either be going not guilty or will receive an “adjudication withheld” requiring you to pay less than the total amount of the original fine/ticket. In some cases, you may be required to attend driving school.


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