Are Drivers Required to Maintain a Minimum Speed?

speedingOn the Florida roadways, drivers that are moving slowly are expected to remain in the right lane to ensure better traffic flow. Realistically speaking, most drivers don’t follow this rule. So, what happens if a driver is moving well below the posted speed limit? Are they required to maintain a minimum speed?

The minimum speed limit is 50 mph while traveling in a posted 70 mph zone. On that note, a 65 mph zone would require doing a minimum speed of 40 mph. For drivers that decide not to travel the posted speed limit and prefer to drive at a slower pace, they should refrain from driving in the left lane so that faster drivers can move or pass easily.

It is against the law to impede traffic flow and it is possible to receive a traffic ticket for doing so. The minimum speed limits exist as a way to keep traffic flowing smoothly. A driver doing 70 who suddenly comes upon one that is doing 30 can result in a potentially fatal car crash.

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