All about the Red Light Camera Ticket

Let’s say you commit a traffic violation involving a red light camera and for whatever reason you end up unintentionally ignoring it.  It is entirely possible that you may not even be aware that you’ve received such a ticket since they are not issued in the typical method when a police officer stops you and writes you a ticket on the spot.  Let’s take a look at a few things you should know if you do happen to receive a red light camera ticket.

A red light camera ticket will be issued in the form of Unified Traffic Citation (UTC) that will be mailed to you and will carry a fine of about $277.  You have thirty days to pay the fine, and if you do, you are admitting guilt and it will likely result in increased insurance rates.  If you wish to avoid paying the fee and having it appear on your driving record, consider a traffic attorney that can help you fight the ticket and potentially have it dismissed.

If you don’t contest or pay the ticket within the allotted thirty days it will be sent to citations where the fee will be doubled.  What’s worse, your license will likely be suspended, so it’s imperative that you not ignore a red light camera ticket.

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