All About Red Light Cameras

redLightWhile it is legal to make a right turn on red in most parts of South Florida, there are exceptions where it is illegal. Perhaps you turned right at one of these spots or maybe you ran the red light just as it was turning red. If a red light camera happens to catch you, chances are you may receive a hefty fine via postal mail.

Though they remain a highly contentious issue and have been largely phased out, red light cameras can still be found in parts of Florida. These cameras snap a photo of the license plate when a driver passes through the light when it’s red which is then recorded and sent to the enforcement program which sends out the citation. These cameras are also able to record several seconds of video to use as additional evidence.

Here in Florida, if a vehicle is indeed cited for a red light camera violation, that citation will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. This means that even if a licensed driver happens to be borrowing the vehicle, the owner is the person liable for the citation. In such a scenario, it may be a wise idea to seek legal advice from a traffic attorney as the citation can potentially be contested. The citation fines typically hover around $158 but can increase substantially.

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