Airborne Couch Situation Leads to a Traffic Ticket

wolfgang-hasselmann-G2wUJH-9KK0-unsplashThere is a myriad of reasons why you may receive a traffic citation when driving on the roads, and the example we’ll be sharing may qualify as one of the more unusual scenarios. A couple visiting family in South Florida are making the news for a somewhat unique reason that ended up resulting in a traffic ticket.

Last month, the couple were on the Florida roadways heading back to their home in Washington D.C., on Interstate 95 to be precise. While on the roadway, they had a scare and avoided what may have been an even more serious accident when the driver suddenly swerved out of the way after a couch being transported on a truck fell off of the truck. The couple’s vehicle ended up striking the median, it flipped over and ended up being totaled. The truck continued driving.

After being transported via ambulance to the hospital, a law enforcement officer showed up and issued a traffic ticket citation due to failing to drive in a single lane. According to the source FOX 13 article, despite what seems like a tough break for the couple given the circumstances, troopers should use discretion and a minimum two-vehicle should be maintained between vehicles so that drivers can have sufficient time to react. For example, if a vehicle decides to brake suddenly.

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