A Study Finds North Miami Beach and Miami Gardens Worst for Commuters in South Florida

In South Florida, we are all very familiar with dreaded traffic situations we find ourselves in daily, which is experienced nearly everywhere in South Florida, though a new study shows that residents of the cities, Miami Gardens and North Miami Beach have it worst, compared to the rest of the tr-county area.

The commute study was conducted by the personal finance site, NerdWallet, and it showed that these two cities are the worst for commuting in the tri-county area by measuring four factors which included the price of gas in that specific city, the cost of car insurance for residents, their commute time, and how many people are in the cars on each trip.

The purpose of the study as said by John Kuo, who wrote the study, was to give additional information to residents and those thinking about moving to a South Florida community. The study was conducted in order for them to have access to data that measures the daily commuter experience, so they can make an educated decision of where they want to/are living.

The study found that Miami Gardens had the worst commute based on the average car insurance premium of about $2,300 according to the site’s insurance comparison tool; also Miami Gardens has a commute time of about 30 minutes. Additionally, the results are based on the average gas price which is found on data from January to November 2014.

Another factor to these findings is that more than 80 percent of drivers in the city are traveling alone, which is important to measure since more individual drivers add more cars and more congestion on the road.

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