A Miami Beach Car Charging Company Raises $6 Million

This new year is set to bring many changes in the City of Miami, as the city evolves and grows into a global city. One current development is that a Miami Beach Beach electric car charging firm has recently raised $6 million from institutional shareholders.

The firm is Car Charging, which operates electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S., received $2 million when the deal closed and will be able to receive the rest of the money as they are able to accomplish specific milestones.

This current development is happening as Car Charging is getting ready for further expansion in 2015. According to CEO Michael D. Farkas in a news release, “as we pursue both top line growth and a path to profitability, we intend to maintain a strict focus on managing cash while investing in technology and business development initiatives to address the increasing need for quick, convenient, and cost-effective EV charging services.”

Car Charging Group has its headquarters in Miami Beach and serves as a pioneer in nationwide public electric vehicle charging services, allowing EV drivers to easily recharge at locations all throughout the U.S. The firm also provides residential EV charging for single family homes.

Miami Beach continues to be ever evolving, as well as a center for innovation like that of the work of Car Charging Group. As more electric vehicle charging services pop up, our transportation systems change and develop as well.

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