A DUI Conviction Will Follow You Around

duiConvictionThere is absolutely no reason why you should be receiving multiple DUI convictions. None. However, if for whatever reason you do have several, you may be curious about some things. For instance, what happens if you decide to move to another state?

To prevent any surprises, you should be aware that there is a risk of being denied a driver’s license in your new home state. You may be wondering why. Let’s say that because of your convictions, your license is currently being suspended for a certain amount of time. Despite moving to another state, the DMV will be aware of your conviction. How? It’s all because of a national registry where each state’s DMV shares information regarding its drivers. In other words, you’ll still need to resolve your Florida license suspension before you’ll receive your Georgia license, for example.

For those that have committed multiple offenses but have the option of a hardship permit, these people will need to enroll in Florida’s supervisory program. This program mandates that an ignition interlock device is installed in the vehicle. The driver will also be required to attend a monthly DMV interview based on the same length of the suspension. Put differently, you’re free to move to Georgia, but you’ll still be required to head back down to Florida every month.

Should you have any questions, consult an experienced Florida DUI attorney.

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