A Closer Look at “Chloe’s Law”

Chloe Arenas was a University of Central Florida (UCF) student who died after her vehicle crashed into a retention pond. Arenas lost control of her vehicle while on her way to pick up her family from the airport.  Four months after her death and a strong outpouring of support from more than 50,000 people signing an Internet petition, Florida lawmakers are now proposing “Chloe’s Law”, named after Arenas.

Chloe’s Law will make it mandatory to install guardrails near all retention ponds, a step that Chloe’s family feels could have potentially saved her life.  These guardrails will not only be installed near retention ponds, but also any area over the past decade where motorists driving on Florida highways have been lost, in other words known sites involving a drowning death.

There is some degree of concern among lawmakers in regards to the costs involved to install so many guardrails, but they do recognize that it will take some time.  Chloe’s Law was filed on October 13th in Arenas’s memory and will be presented to the Florida Legislature in January.

Coincidentally, Florida is number one in the country for deaths involving drowning.  The Florida Department of Transportation is currently evaluating what steps other states have taken when dealing with roadways near bodies of water.

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