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Ways to Fight a Stop Sign Ticket

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Any vehicle that comes to a stop sign is required by law to come to a complete stop. There are minor penalties for failure to stop at a stop sign, typically resulting in a fine between 70 and 200 dollars. However, if there are added variables to the scenario, like school and construction zones, penalties can be much higher. You will also have points added to your license, causing insurance rates to rise.


Sometimes it is difficult to prove whether you stopped at the stop sign, but what if you know you are innocent? Here are some possible ways a Miami traffic attorney can help you prove your innocence.


  1. Prove it was justified: sometimes, you may need to forgo the stop sign to stay clear of a dangerous vehicle. If this is the case, you can admit to running the stop sign but emphasize that it was done to keep out of harm’s way.

  2. Challenge the subjectivity of the situation: Though many judges tend to side with officers in these cases, if you believe you did make the required stop, you can provide eyewitness testimony, or challenge the point of view, literally. Maybe what the officer saw from their perspective was that you roll through the stop sign, but in reality, you stopped 20 feet from the line. Be sure to take pictures of the perspective on both ends if possible.

  3. Mistake of fact: to receive a ticket, you must have broken the law. If the stop sign was not in plain sight, hidden by foliage or something else, you could argue that you did not see it.


If you wish to contest your ticket, contact a red light camera violation attorney at Hochman & Goldin P.A. before pursuing a case.


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Major Changes in Store for Downtown Drivers



Those of you that frequently drive in or work in the downtown area of Miami may wish to start preparing yourselves for major changes that could affect your daily commute. Beginning on the 20th of next month, the Southwest First Street drawbridge over the Miami River is going to be closed as work commences on a $67+ million project to rebuild the bridge. Work is expected to take about three years, with the bridge tentatively scheduled to reopen sometime in June 2022.

The Southwest First Street drawbridge assists with carrying traffic into Miami’s city center. The replacement will include an all-new tender house, new approach spans, plus walkways along the river below the bridge, new riverfront seawalls, and much more. Those that like to use bikes to get around will also be able to make use of a future bike lane, expected to be five feet by five inches wide.

Anyone who uses the Southwest First Street will likely need to take a detour to northbound Southwest Seventh Avenue and make use of West Flagler Street bridge. Drivers should also be aware that the roadway along North River Drive and South River Drive when nearing Southwest First Street will be shut down to through traffic.

This update is brought to you by the Miami traffic attorney teamof Hochman & Goldin, P.A. We can assist you with criminal traffic violations and are ready to answer your questions. Please call 305-665-1000 to speak with a red light camera violation attorney today.