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Know Your Rights! Hire a Hochman & Goldin Miami Expungement Attorney

Do you know the difference between sealing and expunging a criminal case? Do you know how to expunge or seal your criminal record? Do you know if you are eligible for an expunged or sealed record? A Miami Expungement Attorney at Hochman & Goldin can provide in depth and reliable answers to these questions.

Because criminal histories are public record, even if a case is dismissed, arrest information and more is still openly available. If you had your case dismissed or were granted a withhold of adjudication, you may be interested in how to expunge a criminal case in Miami.

Sealing a criminal record means that the record will be kept on file at the arresting police agency, courthouse, and at The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, in a sealed envelope, off limits from the public. The only way for the record to be reopened is court order to unseal the record. The record is cleared from the computer database of the court by the clerk. On the other hand, expunging a criminal record refers to a record being deleted by both the court and the arresting police agency, and retained only by The Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Be sure to know your rights! Taking on a challenge like attempting to have a criminal record sealed or expunged should not be done without a dedicated and experienced team to help you along the way. Hochman & Goldin are committed to providing quality legal service. Contact Hochman & Goldin for answers and assistance for sealing or expunging old criminal records.