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How to Avoid the Potential Hidden Costs of a Speeding Ticket

How to Avoid the Potential Hidden Costs of a Speeding TicketIf you are ticketed for speeding in Florida, you may face monetary penalties as well as points on your driver’s license. While most Florida speeding tickets are $500, fines can range from $1,000 to $5,000 if the infraction occurs in a construction or school zone, or if you are caught speeding excessively. How fast you drive over the permitted or stated speed limit determines the number of points awarded to your Florida driver’s license, as well as other severe consequences.


If you receive a speeding ticket in Florida, your auto insurance price is likely to rise. However, factors such as your prior driving history, ZIP code, auto insurance provider, and vehicle type can all affect your premium, so your final cost could be greater or cheaper than those indicated above.


Additional penalties may be imposed depending on the severity of the traffic offense and your previous driving record. There are, however, additional considerations to consider if you receive a traffic citation in Florida, such as whether or not you want to fight the ticket. If you do, you’ll almost certainly need to appear in court or hire a lawyer.


We at Hochman and Goldin have been practicing law for over 20 years, representing people charged with various traffic offenses all around Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. We guarantee you will not receive any points on your driver’s license or your money back. This is solely for civil offenses, and only if no additional tickets have been issued in the previous year. Pay a one-time fee of $69. This fee is for each civil violation and does not include any court fees. We’ll assign you a Miami speeding ticket attorney who will do everything possible to have your case dismissed.


Questions about other traffic violations? Contact a Miami traffic attorney.

Proposed Bill to Catch Speeders in School Zones

HochmanGoldin (2)To improve safety, Florida lawmakers are considering allowing cities and counties to deploy cameras to catch speeders in school zones. Those caught driving 10 miles per hour or more over the speed limit could be issued a ticket, and in need of a Miami traffic attorney.


If the bill is passed in its current form, it would allow cameras to start rolling half an hour before school started and stop half an hour after classes ended. According to the bill, the cameras would identify vehicle speed as you drove through a school zone. The speed cameras would function in a similar way as red light cameras. The registered owner of every car caught on camera would receive a speeding ticket in the mail within 30 days of the incident, without ever engaging with a police officer.


The bill’s phrasing does give offenders some discretion, allowing them a free “warning” for a first violation. Following that, fines rise in proportion to the driver’s speed, reaching $500 for exceeding the speed limit by 30 miles per hour or more. All electronic images, videos and documentation of the vehicle as measured by a speed detection system would be available for review to those ticketed. A hearing can also be requested by those cited.


Under the present version of the bill, proceeds from each ticket would go to the state Department of Revenue, the local county or municipality, and the school district where the infraction happened. The funds will be used entirely on school transportation and safety programs.


Questions about other traffic violations? Contact a red light camera violation attorney.

Most Common Ways to Dispute a Red Light Violation

Most Common Ways to Dispute a Red Light ViolationMany areas around Florida now have red light cameras in place to catch lawbreakers. In fact, Florida has some of the highest red-light violations in the country. However, just because you get a red light ticket doesn’t mean you have to pay the fine. If you received a red light ticket, working with an experienced red light camera violation attorney Miami who can assess your case is critical to challenging your ticket. Three of the most common ways to fight a red light violation in Florida are outlined below:


  1. It wasn’t you in the driver’s seat.


Although red-light camera violations are assessed to the vehicle owner, in Florida, the violation is applied to the driver, not the vehicle owner. That means that if someone else drives your car and runs a red light, that person is accountable for paying the ticket.


  1. Your car did not activate the camera.


If more than one vehicle shows in the photo, you can claim that the camera was activated by another vehicle. Pedestrians, onlookers, other drivers and passengers, may be able to produce evidence that another vehicle ran the red light.


  1. A defective red light camera was to blame.


Occasionally, red light camera systems make mistakes. You have the option of requesting documentation that the camera was recently maintained and was in great working order when it took the photo or video of your car.


Received a traffic violation? Our attorneys at Hochman & Goldin, P.A., offer legal assistance for traffic tickets in the Miami area. We may be able to lower the fine amount or possibly have your ticket dismissed entirely. Visit us online or call us today (305) 515-5045.

The Role of Technology in Traffic Violations

HochmanGoldinTechnology has become as much a part of our life as the bed in which we sleep. We look at our phones never to question if the time on the clock is correct. But what if it was wrong? What if your phone’s clock was 30 minutes off and you missed your non-refundable flight as a result?


It may appear to be a ridiculous question. But in an autonomous world, where everyday more and more cars are driving themselves, the inherent faith and trust placed in technology has resulted in fewer questions to be asked. This is especially true when it comes to legal issues. One such question often not asked until it’s too late, is who’s accountable if a car on autopilot causes a traffic violation?


In the vast majority of cases, the answer is the driver. And by that, we refer to the person behind the wheel. Because, according to the legislation and the corporations behind such automotive technologies, self-driving cars are not as autonomous as we may think. Self-driving cars are still a relatively new technology, and most experts believe they lack the judgment required to determine liability, as it stands now.


Big law is slow to change. Even while the law will never progress at the same rate as technology, many people feel that as technology advances, liability will move from the driver to the vehicle. But, until then, it is still the obligation of the human driver to always pay attention to the road, and especially not your phone.


More questions about traffic violations? Contact a Miami traffic ticket lawyer.

Stay Safe for the Big Game

Stay Safe for the Big GameSuper Bowl weekend is almost here, and though the big game this year will be played 3,000 miles away, millions of Floridians will still be joining in on the excitement. Our Miami traffic attorney team wants to ensure you are prepared and ready to do so responsibly.

All across the state this weekend, Law enforcement agencies will be placing additional patrols on roads to help keep the roads safe. Patrols will be focused on impaired drivers, speeding violations and seat belt enforcement throughout the weekend.

If you’re planning a night out or attending a party for the Super Bowl, make plans ahead of time that will prevent you or anyone else from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking. Remember that it is never okay to drink and drive, even if you’ve had only one alcoholic beverage. Always designate a sober driver or plan to use public transportation, taxi or a ride sharing service to get home safely, such as Lyft or Uber.

Driving drunk could result in injury or death for you or others on the road. If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact law enforcement immediately.

For the past 20 years, Hochman & Goldin, P.A., has provided legal representation to individuals charged with various traffic violations throughout Miami-Dade and Broward.

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What Happens If You Drive Over 100 MPH?

Hochman BlogSpeeding is not usually a criminal offense, but the consequences can be more severe if you are caught driving over 100 mph.


Most speeding tickets will only lend you a fine and points on your driving record, which can be fought with the help of a Miami traffic attorney. However, not every speeding ticket is a non-criminal/traffic offense. Certain tickets can actually be classified as a misdemeanor or felony, leading to jail time, hefty fines, and license suspension.


Driving over 100 mph is not always a felony unless someone is injured in an accident or there are fatalities. However, in Florida, it is a felony. Driving 50 miles over the speed limit is considered a felony already.


In fact, just driving 30 miles over the speed limit in Florida is classified as a criminal offense, and speeds 30 to 49 miles per hour over the speed limit is considered a misdemeanor.


Driving over 50 miles per hour in Florida can end up being a third-degree felony, which involves arrest (all felonies in Florida involve arrest.) Third-degree felonies can end up being five years in prison, license suspension for up to 10 years, and near;y $5,000 in fines.


Hochman & Goldin, P.A. offers legal assistance for traffic tickets in the Miami area. Visit us online to learn more.


This information is for educational purposes only. It should not be construed as legal advice. Please speak to an attorney if you have specific questions regarding traffic signals and the law. If you have questions regarding a red light ticket, please contact a red light camera violation attorney.

Avoid These 3 Bad Driving Habits

Avoid These 3 Bad Driving HabitsThe longer you drive, the chances are that you become more comfortable behind the wheel. While experienced drivers continue to improve their driving skills, they can also pick up bad habits. Drivers may not even notice they are doing them, but the key is to be aware, so you can practice safe driving.


If you need assistance with your traffic ticket in the Miami area, a Miami traffic attorney from Hochman & Goldin, P.A., may be able to help. Call or visit us online to set up a consultation.


One of the biggest bad habits drivers engage in is what is known as the “California Stop.” This happens when a driver does not come to a complete stop at a stop sign and just coasts through it instead. The law states that drivers must completely stop at a stop sign, so avoid making this mistake, even when you are in a rush.


Not using the appropriate turn signals could also leave you with a traffic ticket. Failing to use turn signals may even cause accidents, especially when changing lanes. Avoid this mistake to keep you and others safe on the road.


Running red lights is not something people usually do on purpose. In fact, many drivers can seek out the help of a red light camera violation attorney if they feel that their red light violation occurred because they were attempting to make the safest and smartest decision in the situation. However, you should always follow the speed limit and follow a safe distance behind the car in front of you to avoid running red lights.


Why Having a Clean Driving Record is Beneficial in Florida

Why Having a Clean Driving Record is Beneficial in FloridaA clean driving record is when a driver’s history has no moving violations or accidents over the last three to five years. However, what constitutes a clean record can vary depending on the situation. For example, Uber, long-haul trucking companies, and car insurance providers have more strict standards for clean records.


If you have questions about how to remove a ticket from your record, contact a Miami expungement attorney for help.


Tickets for accidents caused by your driving and DUIs can impact your record the most. The more severe the incident, the harder it is to remove it from your record. Infractions are given points and vary depending on the infraction (such as a DUI-related accident or a speeding ticket).


Moving violations will land you anywhere from three to six points in Florida. Common infractions include:


  • Reckless driving – 4 points

  • Speeding – 3 points

  • Passing on entering/exit side of a school bus while it is stopped – 4 points

  • Failure to stop at a red light – 3 points

  • Failure to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian – 3 points

  • Leaving the scene of an crash with more than $50 of property damage – 6 points


Having a clean record can benefit you in several ways. Your insurance premium is likely to be far less than a record with multiple accidents. However, if you believe that your traffic ticket was issued when following the traffic signals, contact a Miami traffic ticket lawyer from Hochman & Goldin, P.A.


Our attorneys can help you fight your ticket for as little as $69. Visit us online to learn more.

Can You Legally Move Onto an Intersection While Waiting to Make a Turn?

Hochman BlogThere are many rules of the road, especially as it comes to appropriate turning. While most drivers have the basics down, many lesser-known laws can confuse drivers and lead to frustration. After all, no one wants to be stuck at a yellow light, wondering if they can turn or not.


Left turns seem to be the trickiest. Where right turns usually have clear-cut answers of when you can and cannot turn, left turns are not always as clear. If you think your traffic ticket was issued in an area without clear signage and directions, contact a Miami traffic attorney. Our law firm can help you fight your traffic ticket for as little as $69.


The best rule to remember is that you should not begin a turn, right or left, if you cannot complete it.


For example, if you want to make a left turn on a yellow light, in some cases, you may be able to exit into the intersection before the left turn (as long as all traffic signals permit). However, if you are in the intersection and you cannot complete the turn and are “stuck” in the intersection because of traffic, you may find yourself in a bind.


Always assess traffic and follow traffic signals before making turns.


This information is for educational purposes only. It should not be construed as legal advice. If you have specific questions regarding traffic signals and the law, please speak to an attorney. If you have questions regarding a red light ticket, please contact a red light camera violation attorney.

Florida Hardship License

Hochman BlogDrivers who have their licenses suspended may be eligible for a Florida Hardship License. This restricted license allows people to drive to school or work-related activities. Typically, those eligible will have had a first-offense DUI or an otherwise clean driving record. Drivers may use this license to get around as they await the end of their license suspension period.


If you have questions about your license suspension, contact a Miami traffic attorney at Hochman and Goldin, P.A.


To know if you are eligible for a hardship license, you will need to contact the regional Bureau of Administrative Reviews. The following are the typical criteria for receiving a hardship license:


  • You must enroll in DUI school – this is only for drivers who have license suspension due to a DUI conviction.

  • If your suspension resulted from something else, you will need to enroll in the 12-hour Florida ADI course. You must be currently enrolled when applying for a hardship license, and the course needs to be completed within 90 days.

  • You will have to pay fees for your application – a $12 fee for hardship hearing filing and a $45 reinstatement fee for license suspension.

  • There will typically be a hearing officer assigned to your case, in which they will be the one to review your request.


This is not an extensive list of requirements in the process of getting a hardship license in Florida. There may be additional requirements you must meet depending on your specific case, including the reason for license suspension.


You are not required to get a hardship license. You can still wait out your suspension period if you choose.


Questions about other traffic violations? Contact a red light camera violation attorney.