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Red Light Cameras Return in Two South Florida Cities

luzRojaRed light camera programs are slowly being phased out, but a pair of cities in South Florida are seeking to do otherwise. Pembroke Pines is launching its program back up and will begin to issue tickets again on the 25th of the month. Boynton Beach also voted recently to turn the cameras on its red lights back on.

The two aforementioned cities join other Broward County municipalities such as Sunrise, Davie, and Tamarac as well as sixteen cities in Miami-Dade that continue to operate red light camera systems. Drivers that are caught running a red light may be fined $158. If the violation goes unpaid after sixty days, the traffic ticket fine will increase to $250, a fine that can be disputed in court.

While public safety is the reason for their use, the results of a 2016 report by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles revealed that intersection accidents where red light cameras were present increased by ten percent compared to 2015. On the other hand, accidents involving pedestrians decreased by nearly twenty percent.

Nearly 800 cameras were in use in 2015. but that number came down significantly to 688 the following year. Despite the drop, citations increased to over a million.

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Miami May Have a Lower Residential Speed Limit

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 12.25.52 PM

As Miami’s daily traffic tie-ups continue to plague drivers, Miami city commissioners will be getting together next month to vote on whether to cut down the speed limits in several neighborhoods to 25 miles per hour in an effort to make them safer.

The reduced speed will likely cause some degree of controversy. After all, everyone’s in a hurry to reach their destination, and arriving late somewhere is typically due to slow moving traffic on major roadways, like Dixie Highway for example. To circumvent these traffic jams, drivers often navigate through residential streets, and these are exactly the streets that the commissioners will be aiming to address.

Miami isn’t the first city to propose a speed limit reduction. Neighboring Coral Gables recently made headlines when it decided to reduce the speed limit to 25 miles per hour. Two years ago, New York became the first state in the country to give it a shot, and now other major cities are following in its footsteps.

The goal is largely boosting the safety of pedestrians, residents, cyclists and fellow drivers. After all, colliding at a lower speed can significantly lessen the odds of death, and there are fewer odds of colliding in the first place.

How do you feel about the proposed lower speed limits in Miami?

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New Technology for Clearing Accidents

accidentSceneThere is perhaps nothing worse during a daily commute than leaving for work on time or early only to realize that there’s a major accident on one of the roads you’ll be taking.  Depending on the severity, it could take several hours for the police or highway patrol to clear up the incident, resulting in traffic standstills and lots of major headaches for numerous drivers.

Over in Orlando, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and the city’s police department are joining forces on a project designed to combat this situation, allowing accidents and traffic tie-ups to be cleared much faster.  This project involves digital radar mapping technology that’s been around for years and has grown tremendously in its sophistication.  Today’s technology can scan accident scenes and provide data at a quicker rate for law enforcement.

The Orlando Police Department and the FHP have raised more than $250,000 in funding for this new project.  Should everything go as planned, the two will be the first and second in line to receive these new scanners, respectively.  With the new technology, law enforcement can quickly prepare the necessary documentation and allow roadways to re-open quicker.

The mapping technology has already proven successful in other states like Oregon where the reduction in overtime has resulted in savings of $50,000 in two years.

This update is brought to you by Miami traffic attorney Hochman & Goldin, P.A.  We can assist you with criminal traffic violations and are ready to answer your questions. Please call 305-665-1000 to speak with a Miami expungement attorney.

Reasons to Consider an Attorney

Even if a defendant has a little bit of experience with the legal system, hiring an attorney can sometimes mean the difference between hard time, and just paying a fine.  For serious charges, defendants should always seek least legal counseling at the very least.  Lawyers have a lot of experience in traffic court and the various jurisdictions, thus ensuring that the defendant will get the best legal advice available.  Below are a few other reasons why a defendant should consider hiring an attorney.

Consultation and Advice is important:  By consulting with a lawyer before their trail, a defendant can receive key pieces of advice that may be able to help them substantially while they are in court.  When a lawyer is advised of the details of the situation, they are able to analyze the legal position of the defendant and the prosecution, and provide the advantages and disadvantages to various alternate courses of action available.

Negotiation skills: No matter how good a defendant may feel they are in negotiating, no one can beat a lawyer.  An attorney’s skill and experience in multiple trials and with various judges, allows them to possibly negotiate a lower punishment for more serious charges.  For instance, plea bargaining is quite helpful in limiting the amount of punishment an offender could receive.

Representation: Facing a traffic ticket or a more serious charge like driving-under-the-influence, does not necessarily require a lawyer, however, if found guilty a defendant could find their license suspended.  Which in today’s world, amounts to very serious issues.  However, by hiring a lawyer, they may be able to plead the offender down to a lesser charge by using their expertise to present a more affective defense.

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Miami-Dade County Looking into Adding Additional Rail Line

Recently the Miami Herald wrote an article about the proposed new rail service that would run along the Dolphin Expressway to the western suburbs of Miami-Dade County.  This $102 million dollar project would consist of using the existing cargo line that is already located along the Dolphin.  The Miami-Dade commissioner, Esteban “Steve” Bovo, is responsible for heading the initiative, as he also leads the county’s transportation committee.

The plan is to create an 11-mile commuter line linking the Miami International Airport with new stations ending at Northwest 137th Avenue, of which the Tri-Rail would probably operate.  With the goal being to appease, the area’s traffic issues and expanded tolling on the Dolphin and the Airport Expressway, Bovo’s plan has gained the approval of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez. The Commissioner has proposed creating a special taxing district that would run a mile outside of the proposed rail line.  A portion of those new taxes, generated by higher property values and new construction, would fund the rail.  However, there are some reservations from the community, as most feel that this plan could draw funds away from updating the county’s bus service, the police force, much-needed roadwork and other core services that the county desperately needs.

What do you think about the proposed new railroad?  Do you think the funds should go to other pressing county issues?  Hochman & Goldin, P.A.’s professional Miami Traffic Lawyers and Miami Expungement Lawyers would like to know your thoughts.  If you have any traffic or other legal issues, contact them at 305-665-1000 to learn what they can do for you.

Miami Beach’s Anti-Flood Pumps to Prevent Flooding Roads

In October of 2014, the City of Miami Beach installed pumps meant to keep streets and roads dry during the city’s highest tides of the year.

The installation of this project took weeks, as construction crews worked overtime to install pump stations to keep the annual “King Tide” at bay.

The “King Tide” happens when the gravitational pull from the alignment of the sun, earth, and moon raises the ocean. As we know, in the recent past, waters have inundated streets, flooded business, as well as homes. These type of situations have also affected pedestrians and drivers, as they have had to get through the flooded streets to get around the city.

These efforts to diminish the flooding is just beginning, as the city has allotted $300 to $400 million to install 50 pumps over the coming years.

This is very necessary as some of the lowest lying neighborhoods have been flooded so badly in the past that they had to close from water damage.

The pumps were chosen for this issue because higher sea walls aren’t an option since a lot of the flooding is caused by water rising underfoot through porous limestone bedrock. Though, it is said that the pumps, which pump water back into the ocean is just a short-term solution, since saltwater pumps only last about 10 years and then become obsolete.

According to Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales, “We’ve created the infrastructure so we can install better pumps once they’re available.”

The pumps are a step in the right direction in preventing car and traffic trouble in the city during “King Tide.” But when it comes to legal help in dealing with speeding tickets, traffic citations, and the more, than the Miami Traffic Layers of Hochman & Goldin, P.A. have you covered.  To get connected with one of  a Miami Traffic Attorney at our firm, contact (305) 665-100 or email


How Miami will Evolve in 2015

As the new year begins, the city of Miami is expected to evolve in different areas that will help shape the future of the city. Here at Hochman & Goldin, we want to share some of the ways in which the city is growing and changing culturally, structurally, and even physically, as some of the neighborhoods in Miami will be updated, while the art scene in Miami will continue to expand, and new construction changes will re-imagine the city’s skyline.

As far as Miami’s art scene, we are already seeing that other parts of the city besides Wynwood, are also housing galleries and artistic facilities that are popping up. Though, Wynwood continues to be a place for art and art galleries, there are also other neighborhoods that are now taking part in this still up and coming scene, some of which are very near Wynwood, such as Little Haiti and Little River. Some of the galleries popping up are Guccivuitton and MichaelJonGallery in Little River, and Gesamtkunstwerk project, Butter Gallery, Spinello Projects, Wynwood Radio, Product 81, and Panther Coffee’s scientist lab in Allapattah.

Downtown is also an emerging area in art with an artistic project space, Primary Projects which showcases established and emerging artists. The area also has other emerging projects in art, music, entertainment, or culture as well as houses Cannonball which has a residency program and adult initiatives.

There is also a certain area in downtown that may soon see cultural development which is located in a pretty vacant spot south of Wynwood and west of Perez Art Museum Miami.

These are just a few exciting new upcoming developments we can expect in 2015 in our city. If you need assistance from a Miami Ticket Lawyer, contact Hochman & Goldin P.A. at (305)665-100 or email, we can provide you with a Miami Traffic Attorney.


Ways to Save on Your Last Minute Holiday Travels

This holiday season, if you are planning on either going back home or going on vacation, there is still time to be strategic about saving money on your trip. Hochman & Goldin has a few suggestions on what to do to save money on any type of trip for the holidays.

One great idea is to cash in on frequent flier miles if you have a credit card or belong to a loyalty program that allows you to rack up rewards to be used on travel. Using your frequent-flier miles for holiday travels and buying your airfare is a really good idea since rates tend to be higher during this time.

Another option is to use your miles to upgrade to first class while paying the same as you would for an economy ticket, making your holiday travels less hectic and possibly getting your luggage checked in for free with your first class ticket.

If you don’t have time or don’t want to be bothered by checking travel sites constantly, you can sign up for fare alerts on several sites like Airfarewatchdog, Yapta, FareCompare, TripAdvisor, and Kayak.

Also, this may not seem like the most ideal situation, but if you are looking for a cheap airfare deal and you didn’t book early enough, you can try booking a flight for Christmas Day when fewer people are traveling. Fewer people booking tickets means that there may be low air fares during this time.

For road trips, you can consider replacing your SUV or truck with a fuel-efficient rental car that may end up costing you a lot less calculating gas and the rental price.  Also, if you are going to rent a car, it’s probably best to look for a provider that’s not by the airport, which tend to offer much better deals.

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Some Brickell Roads Closed For Massive Tunneling Project

If you have traveled to Brickell recently, you may have seen lots of construction cranes going up throughout the neighborhood. Many of those construction crews are busy at work building Brickell CityCentre, a massive multi-use development complex that is among the largest construction projects in the country. While much of the work is above ground, several streets will be closing to begin work underground for a large tunneling project.

According to Miami Today newspaper, part of SE Sixth Street will be closed to allow for construction crews to work on a new phase of the project. The street will be closed from Southeast First to South Miami Avenue through the duration of the phase (which is expected to finish by next April). While many will bemoan that construction has closed down public roads for such a length amount of time, the reasons for the closure are valid. The newspaper reports that Spire, the developer behind the project, has begun on tunneling for a massive underground section of the project.

As part of the underground section of the project, the developer is expected to create almost 2,000 parking spaces underneath the complex; this staggering number of parking places is needed to accommodate the nearly 750,000 square feet of retail space. In addition to the enormous underground parking structure, there will be a number of underground roadways that will help cars navigate the labyrinth of spaces.

With so much construction going on, there’s going to be lots of congestion, road blocks, detours and hazards that drivers will have to navigate. With these various obstacles will likely come a greater chance of drivers getting a traffic ticket as drivers may likely make illegal maneuvers, speed while construction workers are present or other actions that would merit a traffic ticket. If you wish to fight your citation, Hochman & Goldin can connect you with a Miami Traffic Attorney that will fight your case on your behalf. In addition, you can also hire a Miami Expungement Lawyer who can help clear certain cases from your criminal record.

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Review These Valuable Driving Safety Tips Before Hitting the Road

In an urban, car-heavy metropolis like Miami, drivers are susceptible to getting into car accidents. While many of these accidents are unavoidable (such as the other driver being at fault or failure of critical car parts), there are simple tips you can take to avoid getting into an accident and avoid getting into serious injury if you do.

Avoid Aggressive Driving
Aggressive driving is one of the most likely reasons for those getting into accidents. Whether it is road rage induced by careless drivers or rushing to get to an appointment on time, aggressive driving more often than not will have the opposite effect than you attend. To avoid aggressive driving, try leaving earlier than you normally leave to avoid rushing and try relaxing techniques that will keep you from releasing your anger on your driving.

Wear A Seat Belt
Although driving is an everyday activity, it is easy to forget that we are prone to human error and even the most careful drivers make mistakes in judgement or accidental slips that could put them at risk of getting into an accident. No matter how safe your vehicle is, the one device that will likely save you from serious injury is wearing a seat belt. This will prevent you from being flung around the vehicle or even from being ejected in the event of a collision, which can protect you from potentially horrific injuries or death. It also the law in the state of Florida and will prevent you needing to hire a Miami Traffic Attorney to fight your fine.

Ensure Your Child Is Properly Protected
Did you know that the number one killer of children from 0 to 12 years old is car crashes? While many parents are well-intentioned and do their best to protect their children in the car, it is often that children may using the improper seat for their age or size or may not be properly protected. Not only could you risk getting a fine from a police officer but it could significantly increase the risk of injury or death in the event of an accident. You can learn to see if you are properly protecting your child at this website.

If you get a ticket but don’t believe you’re at fault or wish to fight it, contact the expert legal team at Hochman & Goldin. Their team can help you fight any tickets to avoid fines, penalties or points. In addition, they can also provide you with a top Miami Expungement Attorney to help you clear your criminal record of certain past crimes. For a free consultation, call (305) 665-1000.